Pourty 30104 - Orinal
Pourty 30104 - OrinalPourty 30104 - OrinalPourty 30104 - OrinalPourty 30104 - Orinal

Pourty 30104 – Orinal


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The Pourty Potty has a unique pouring duct and anti-drip lip so that you can empty the unpleasant contents without any mess or dribbles. Kids love it because it has a wide flat seating area for greater comfort and parents love it because it is easier to empty and clean. Whenever you empty a basic potty you have to empty the contents over the seating area and any pee dribbles down the outside of the potty and all over the place. The Pourty potty has a handle at the front making it easy to pick up your child?s potty and pour the contents out of the back away from where the child sits or touches. The lip at the top of the duct is designed so that there should be no dribbles down the outside of the Pourty. You can then simply refill the Pourty with water and wash it out. The Pourty is very comfortable for the child to sit on because the seating area is wide and ergonomically designed. The two sides of the back rest offer ample support. The Pourty is made out of thick sturdy plastic making it more stable and harder for your child to knock over. The Pourty Potty offers the convenience of a basic potty, is as easy to empty as a two piece potty and its unique one piece design makes it more hygienic and easier to clean. The Pourty Potty was designed by parents who became frustrated with the mess when emptying normal potties.


  • Conducto de vertido único y antigoteo labio por lo que es más higiénico y más fácil de vaciar y limpiar
  • Manejar en la parte delantera para que usted vierte los residuos fuera de la parte de atrás de donde el niño se sienta o toques
  • Amplio asiento ergonómico para una mayor comodidad para los niños y niñas
  • Plástico resistente y base ancha para mayor estabilidad
  • Alta protección contra salpicaduras

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